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Text area with bold,Italic,etc..

We are all know about Emails.In that we have seen the text area with the options to make our content bold,italic,etc.We can also make the text area like that in our site.
For that what we have to do?
There are lots of plugins available on the internet.I am using the plugin TinyMCEIn that we have almost all of the options to make the text area as richable and user friendly.

How to integrate Tiny MCE to your site?
You can simply
download from the above site and then you can integerate the javascript from tiny mce.

Depending upon your needs there are lots of themes(simple,advanced) are available.

What are the problems I am facing during usage?

During the integeration there are n problems.I simply integerate the script.But when I am going to use I face a small problem.That is my site is fully developed using the ajax concepts.When I am using the editor the first time mail was sent successfully.During the mail send I validate through javascript.When I send the mail at second time it wont be sent.Why?
I got the result of the textarea Id is changed.So when I am validate at second time the error displayed there is no such an ID.Why it was changed?Because the tiny MCE change the text area Id depending upon that use.

How I solved the problem?
I analyzed the Id going to be mce_0,mce_1,etc.So I simply get the id using Javascript (You can read this post for get the ID using javscript )and pass that id during validation.Now the problem is solved simply.

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