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Hi Friends,
Every webdesigner and the programmer dream is,the site who is developed my theirself to get popular.So everyone try work hard to make SEO friendly and get to make the site going to be popular.For that the Invite friends in the social networking site help them a lot.
Because in the single click the site going to reach almost hundred and hundreds of users.So every social networking sites contain the feature of Invite friends.But as i programmer we cand get all the social networking sites API.Then What can we do?

In my experience the best one is Open Inviter.Through this we can connect almost all of the websites those who are providing Email services or Social Networks.

How can we Integerate OpenInviter?

Step 1:Register the OpenInviter site with your domain name.
Step:2They provide the API key associate with your domain name.Now download the OpenInviter.
Step:3Unzip the file and Upload the OpenInviter to your root directory.
Step:4Run the postinstall.php(Like this:
Step:5It tells you how can your website supporting OpenInviter technologey.
Step:6Delete postinstall.php from the OpenInviter Directory.

Change the messages and other things depend upon your need.It works fine.

You can Download this post as word document.

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