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Best designed web sites

Hi friends,
In this post I am going to tell about the sites that contains the beautiful design for websites.
Most of the webdesigners facing the problem in choosing the color combination.But the following websites gives the real beautiful designing ideas.
I really suggest you,dont copy the things.But you can gather their ideas and implement it in your own way.It gives the lot of beautiful things tothe world.
Some of the sites also recommended for programmers also.
Why the programmers need te effort in designing?

Once the design is completed the programmers going to be develope the whole site for few days to few months...

If it is intresting thing then only they are watching watching the site upto the months....

so if you are going to be work with that site please give the small efforts on designs.It really helpful.

Best designed websites

1. onextrapixel

2. instantshift

3. ourtuts

4. webdesignbeach

5. ourtuts

6. httpwatch

7. bestcssdesign

for flash

8. webdesignstuff

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